What do guests talk about in social media?

social media

Experiences and Relax are the most popular activities that hotel clients talk about in their social networking profiles, according to the company Local Measure.

The outcomes might not be particularly surprising but they definitely show how social networks have become a channel in which travelers can show their experiences to friends, family, and the world. They also show that bars and restaurants are the key areas of the hotel in which the customer experience is more frequently shared, as these places are inviting the guests to upload an image about the attractive background, soft lights, etc.

After examining for a two months period the contents of 300 hotels in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter located in the United States, Australia and Asia, the following posts were the most popular:

– Restaurant / Food: 11,700 posts.

– Drinks / bar: 6.400 posts.

– Views from the room: 4.000 posts.

– Main features of the room/room conditions: 3.000 posts.

– The pool: 2,800 posts.

The content about the staff and features of the hotel only appear in approximately 800 posts during the period analyzed, while the pictures about the arrival of the customer to the establishment (500) and the gym (300) were markedly inferior.

As the CEO and founder Jonathan Barouch points out, “social media is becoming more and more important as a channel for communicating customer preferences and recommendations, so hoteliers would do well to focus on those guests that are talking about you.” Once again, the customer experience that leads to their satisfaction and loyalty seems to be the key to being ahead of the competition.

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