Use Instagram to get customers

Instagram continues to growth at an unstoppable way in the hands of consumers, who are increasingly relying on audiovisual content. Their images transport us to paradises that we never believed in our reach, germinating possible trips to those corners that could represent the next destination of our holidays.

Instagram could be compared nowadays with a kind of virtual travel agent that is updated in real time. In 2016, this social network has reached the great number of 500 million users per month, which doubles the number of two years ago. In fact, 300 million of them who enter the application daily. If we consider the amount of content that these many users generate, the potential of the platform is highly relevant. According to the survey carried out by the MissTravel platform, 48% of users take into account this platform when choosing travel destinations and 35% of them use it to discover new places. Therefore, tourism companies should not underestimate their presence in this social network. In fact, already 60% of companies in the tourism industry are using Instagram as part of their marketing, according to the research of EyeforTravel. This makes Instagram stand behind Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Therefore, it is used by the traveler before, during and after the trip. In order to take advantage of the functionality of this tool, here are some tips:

  • Attach a label to the content created by your company or brand. If you can get brand prescribers linked to a tag recognized by a community, the visibility will increase more easily.
  • Connect the brand with positive values and concepts that incite the visit. Betting on the positive factors surrounding the brand will make potential travelers feel attracted to that content and associate it with an indicated space.
  • Let the customer create content. In this way, he is not only feeling valued by your company but will facilitate your creation of content, sometimes in ways not even imagined.
  • Add the Instagram link in all channels you are using. In this way, you will take advantage of the visibility and the positive image communication.
  • Look for the aesthetic perspective of the item promoted, so that the customer can find it attractive.
  • Take advantage of Instagram’s tools for brands. The new features that Instagram has enabled for brands, such as the part of ads already working from Facebook, should be used to expand our knowledge and amplify the impact of content.
  • Implementation of Instatrips with Instagramers of international reference. If you decide to use this strategy to reinforce your presence and visibility, organize trips and invite Instagramers of reference in certain markets or customer segment.

Contents in the form of panoramas, images of detail, customs or gastronomic delights might be the key to get your next customers.

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