How to start your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing Plan

When we refer to Social Media Marketing, we do not talk about sales channels themselves. Although the final goal of any brand is to sell and increase benefits, the main goal pursued by this strategy e is to generate engagement in the network about our brand, product and/or service. But why not use their broadcasting power to sell thanks to them?

In the social environment, social networks have become an essential component in our sales strategy. Prior experience has shown us that RRSS are qualified showcases that are useful to make known our brand, product and/or service, but let’s not forget the main thing: you have to generate quality content to create “brand value”.

Thanks to a marketing strategy in RRSS, you can closely communicate with your clients and, in this way, recover the relationship with them. Moreover, it allows you to keep it before, during and after the stay.

We all know that every strategy must start with certain planning; Therefore, the moment a company bets on Social Media Marketing, the field work begins and we must plan, without forgetting that our actions should be focused on achieving our objectives:

  • Study your product
  • Analyse your competition
  • Meet your audience
  • Determine your goals

Once you have gathered all the information, it is time to decide on what social network you should be, when, how and, most importantly, what to say and with what tone. The next step will be to develop the frequency of contents in each social network, the number of publications as well as an analysis of our audience. When you have elaborated the frequency of contents, you should create a calendar for each social network in order to specify when you are going to publish; for what purpose; what social network and what kind of content. Finally, you should measure your results (KPIs) and analyse them in order to adapt your strategy if necessary


As indicated before, it is vital to have very clear objectives to be able to perform a good analysis of KPIs. We must always keep in mind that they are a series of metrics that are used to have a better knowledge of the productivity of our actions in social networks, in order to decide what type of actions are the best for the goals we have marked and compare them according to the corresponding channel. The characteristics of a KPI can be remembered with the SMART criteria, by its initials in English, that means:

  • Specific. You must choose only the most interesting aspect of the information collected. Although information is power, sometimes an excess of this can hide the data we really need to improve our product and adapt it to the needs of our customers.
  • Measurable. Although it seems silly, a KPI must be able to be measured, since this way you will always be clear our objective to reach and you will be able to know if our actions are developing as¬†expected.
  • Achievable. The objectives that you decide to achieve when choosing your KPIs in social networks must be realistic.
  • Relevant. You must choose only those indicators that offer relevant information and forget about those that are not going to help you. Keep in mind that all this data you get will serve to develop new strategies and will help you to know better the different users of each social network.
  • Timely. The indicator should be able to be analyzed periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) according to the goals set. But don’t forget to compare and analyze it with prior time periods in order to update and rethink your actions, especially if you see that they are failing and you are not getting the results expected in the time frame you have marked them.

There are many types of KPIs, but the most important thing is that you choose those that add value. Undoubtedly, this can be the most complicated task, since each social network is different and each of them will probably have its own KPI. For example, some types of KPIs that you can mark in your different social networks can be Branding or Engagement, but there might be multiple ways to implement them in order to achieve your goals. Remember that all that you do in social networks contributes to define the image of the brand and it contributes not only to the success of the strategy but on the attractiveness of your product and/or service.

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