Tailor your digital marketing strategy to voice search

Voice search

Voice searches are an increasing means of finding information through mobile devices. The consolidation of the personal assistants and the optimisation of this functionality accomplished by the search engines leads to the high use of this technology. In this way, and considering that positioning translates into profitability, it becomes of the utmost importance to ensure your fill this gap, just in case. According to data collected on the portal Tnooz, generated by the company Microsoft, it is revealed how the British are increasingly seeking hotel bookings through personal assistant Cortana on their mobile devices, with a 343% increase in comparison to the last year. On the other hand, according to Oliver Heckmann, Vice President of Engineering, Purchasing and Tourism of Google commented: “A future that happens by voice commands is acquiring more prominence. Not surprisingly, 70% of Google searches are done through a mobile device and 20% of them are done by voice.

As practical information and easy to apply, and so you can use it in your accommodation, here are some interesting factors that can help you improve your voice positioning:

  • Long tail keywords. It is important to take into account this type of keywords when performing the research prior to the process of creating content and the development of pages that respond to these searches.
  • Analyse the organic traffic coming to the web. Although Google Analytics does not currently provide the traffic parameter for voice searches (since it translates to text), we can take into account that we have some of the content obtained by voice.
  • Respond directly to the doubts of the traveller.
  • Make sure you have a responsive website. Not only is it worth having the information but this should be seen as beautiful as possible. Most of the voice searches are done from the smartphone so it is necessary to adapt the web page to this format so that our target does not find pages where navigating is uncomfortable from mobile devices.

In one way or another, voice searches are an option for Google users to take advantage of useful content. If we do not use it or do not bet on the improvement in this line, we will be turning our backs on a form of search that is increasingly gaining more and more relevance.

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