Six keys to get and retain the smart traveler

The digital tourist avoids the standard package and looks for personalized offers. The mobile phone has become a basic tool through which the business becomes more transparent for the companies, for better or worse… Six keys that could help you to conquer the smart traveler are:

1 .- Empowering the emotions: The acquisition of any service is for these customers much more than a mere purchase. It is perceived as an experience that is worth sharing with others, enriching and special … That is why most decisions are motivated by emotions. Here the customization of services and a good content strategy (for example, storytelling) will play a key role.┬áThe key to boosting the emotions of the digital tourist lies in the personalization of the services and a good strategy of contents.

2.- Social networks as relevant axis: Smart travelers can not live without them. They are an excellent channel in which the main objective will not be to sell a product or service, but to communicate bidirectionally with the user and to discover in advance what is what worries him. They are the great connectors of communities around the brands.

3.- Mobile world. Last minute purchases through the phone have become the most common resource. This has made m-commerce, with new products and tourist services at hand, that is what is most demanded.

4.- Explore new innovative technologies. There are many additional technologies that can help the future consumer choose a brand: virtual reality, geolocation, augmented reality, serious games, advergaming …

5. Pay attention to online reputation. It will be imperative that brands take care of their online reputation and the attention they provide to the digital traveler through online channels. Tourism is a sector where the opinions of users count a lot in decision making, so you have to know how to manage any negative comments that may happen in opinion forums, social networks, blogs …

6.- Personalization through the big data. The new digital tourist flees the standard package and looks for personalized offers. In this way, the great amount of information that this technological structure allows managing facilitates the precise and individual knowledge of each tourist, thus obtaining customized offers.


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