The hotel room could look like this in the future

future hotel room

The wifi, a telephone and a flat-screen television are no longer enough for a client who is becoming more and more an expert in technology. The truth is that the expectations of the clients are also increasing and it looks like the rooms are quite slow in incorporating the developments, as today most of them have changed very little their equipment.

Nevertheless, the rooms are again a source of strategic differentiation. Equipped with high technology products and devices, they gradually define the way we enjoy our stay. Under increasing cost pressure and the need to establish a competitive advantage, many hotel operators are exploring how technology can help them not only to improve operations but also provide a highly personalised and experiential environment. Among unique amenities highlight the interactive walls controlled by customer gestures, the internet of things and virtual reality. Hotel rooms should be ahead of the future to surprise and delight guests. However, hoteliers must keep in mind the return on investment of these new technologies and if they can really improve the customer experience and operational efficiency.

The future of virtual reality applied to the rooms is still unclear, although it makes sense in spas that do not have wonderful views or a relaxing atmosphere. Just like artificial intelligence, it all depends on how it is used.

Drastic change?

According to the professor from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne Prashant Das, “the traditional way of hoteling will change. The only question is whether it will be drastically. While traditional rooms are likely to continue playing an important role in the industry, their market share may decline over time, given the emerging alternative housing that is emerging.


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